Episode 309

Megan Tress


November 6th, 2019

56 mins 47 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Megan Tress

Megan Tress joins us this week and I am so excited to bring you this conversation, as we dive deeper into all the things she touched on during her time on the panel of our Season 1 bonus episode, Conversations Cafe - All in the Family.

I love how intertwined all of our interviews are becoming, with so many references and topical overlaps between them. As you’ll recall from just a few weeks ago, Amanda Vitrano was on this very same panel. You will also hear many echoes of our more recent conversations with both Casey Ryan and Amanda Vitrano calling out much of the similar stigmas, hurdles, and hardships that folks face when trying to get help of some sort - for many different reasons.

I am grateful for Megan’s passion in the fight for proactive mental health care and her determination to make a difference in the system that seems destined to be gridlocked for the everyday recipient. Megan brings a very keen insider’s perspective to the conversation around mental health care, working at a provider, and how she addresses her professional career in contrast to & comparison with her personal mental health care needs as well.

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