Anthologies of Hope

Everyone has a story. It's about time we start listening.

About the show

Everyone has a story.

How they got here.

Who they met along the way.

The choices they made.

The dreams they are chasing.

These are just some of the topics we’ll cover in Anthologies Of Hope, a new podcast on journeys taken, battles won, and pain endured. But ultimately, why we are still here. We'll dive deep into why we’re all still fighting for our better tomorrows and why we believe they exist.

It is our profound belief at Anthologies of Hope that talking about the hard things in life makes them more bearable and more manageable. Some of the most difficult situations we find ourselves in, as people, are mental health-related and current or recurring mental health issues, but feel we cannot talk about them due to fear, shame, or stigma.

This podcast will serve as a story-telling vehicle for our friends who found themselves in similar situations, but feel compelled to share their story to help others in a similar time of need or crisis.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

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    Article  |  November 8th, 2019

    What inspires you? What gives you hope? What do you keep fighting for? What is the part of your story that you will not be ashamed of? What are the wins you’ve had? What are the losses you’ve had?

    These are the questions that started the storytelling of Anthologies of Hope. The audio form of the podcast is only one way to tell stories. I’ve always been inspired by so many of my friends that are such prolific writers, so I figured why not bring them on board, give them a little direction, and let their creativity run wild to tell their story even more!