Anthologies of Hope


About Anthologies of Hope

Everyone has a story.
How they got here.
Who they met along the way.
The choices they made.
The dreams they are chasing.

What is Anthologies of Hope?

These are just some of the topics we’ll cover in Anthologies Of Hope, a new podcast on journeys taken, battles won, and pain endured. But ultimately, why we are still here. We'll dive deep into why we’re all still fighting for our better tomorrows and why we believe they exist.

It is our profound belief at Anthologies of Hope that talking about the hard things in life makes them more bearable and more manageable. Some of the most difficult situations we find ourselves in, as people, are mental health-related and current or recurring mental health issues, but feel we cannot talk about them due to fear, shame, or stigma.

This podcast will serve as a story-telling vehicle for our friends who found themselves in similar situations, but feel compelled to share their story to help others in a similar time of need or crisis.

Where will we start?

We'll bring you conversations from the community of folks who have met and connected through attending Heart Camp with Jamie Tworkowski throughout 2018. If you're not familiar with Heart Camp, it is a two-day workshop focusing on authenticity, bringing your heart to your work, and mental health. For more on Heart Camp, you can check out for details, as well as check out the hashtag #heartcamp18 across all social media platforms.

It's no surprise that that the people that are inspired by Jamie's sense of purpose, community, and hope also share a common bond to want to share their own personal stories to help others just as much.

Where will we go from there?

Through these stories, we hope you’ll find some inspiration for your journey, hear from you down the road, as well as bring in new members of the Heart Camp family.

In her Netflix special "Nanette", Hannah Gadsby says "you learn from the part of the story you focus on". Through all of the stories we'll share on Anthologies of Hope, we hope you'll learn something about our guests, but also about yourself - your strength, your potential, and the ability to tell your own story.

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