Anthologies of Hope

Everyone has a story. It's about time we start listening.

Eureka - Blast Off!!!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

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What inspires you? What gives you hope? What do you keep fighting for? What is the part of your story that you will not be ashamed of? What are the wins you’ve had? What are the losses?

These are the questions that started the storytelling of Anthologies of Hope. The audio form of the podcast is only one way to tell stories. I’ve always been inspired by so many of my friends that are such prolific writers, so I figured why not bring them on board, give them a little direction, and let their creativity run wild to tell their story even more!

With this blog series, we’re doing just that! We’ve got a series of blog posts coming your way that are inspired by one of my favorite comic convention artists, Monkey Minion Press. They have an art series and book titled “Eureka - The Art of Science”. Immediately, you’re probably thinking that art and science wouldn’t go front and center with mental health and suicide prevention. However, once you see what we have in store for you, it will instantly make sense. Each of the blog posts are written based upon the inspiration from a singular art piece in the Eureka series. Some of these blog posts will continue the story that the author told during their previous appearance on the podcast. Some of the blog posts will detail new stories and experiences, while some of them will cover parts of their story that they have never shared before. So follow along, either on Instagram, Facebook, or right here on the website, to see all the inspiration coming from our Anthologies of Hope family!

Eureka - Cover

Each blog post will open with the art piece written about, followed by the author’s blog post. Each individual art piece is available for purchase from the Monkey Minion Press online store, as well as a collected works in the Eureka art book. Also, I have not mentioned this yet, but the physical art prints are limited editions of only 100 and individually numbered. So if you want to own a limited edition art print, the very same one our guest authors are writing from, head on over to Monkey Minion Press and order them today! We will include the link for both the specific art print and the entire Eureka book in each blog post going forward.

Head on over to Monkey Minion Press now to pick up a copy and get excited for the inspired writing to come! If you'd like to get a copy of the print I used as the inspiration to kick off this blog series, just follow this link to get your's today!