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Eureka - Candice Carpenter X Jonas Salk

"There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality."
- Jonas Salk

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Editor's note: This week's Eureka contributor is Season 1 guest, Candice Carpenter. To learn more about Candice, head over to her Anthologies of Hope Guest Page after reading her post below.

The reason I was so taken with this quote from Jonas Salk, is because it contains three of my favorite words…HOPE, DREAMS and IMAGINATION.

From the time I was a child and wanted nothing more than to be Dr. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park), I have been a dreamer. From paleontology, to plastic surgery, actress to pro soccer star, I’ve always seen a world beyond the one I lived in.
In my early adulthood, the real world threatened to take those dreams away from me and it cost me so much of my identity and even, my mental health.

As encouraged in my endeavors as I was, I was more encouraged to make sure that I narrowed it down to one “thing” and that it was lucrative enough to support me. My creative endeavors spoke the most to my soul but more practical ones are what paid the bills, thus my twenties were full of such a tug o war, I eventually gave in to the more practical and let the dreamer in me be silenced. I was able to make a living but I wasn’t living.

As my early thirties came, I began to meet people who found a way to keep dreaming dreams and also provide for themselves and it often took the form of more than one “thing”. In addition to meeting these people, I also started therapy for my anxiety/depression and it was there that I discovered that my dreams and the imagination required to form them are HUGE parts of my personality and that it is FAR better for me to lean in to them, explore/nurture them then to not have them.

The thing about dreams and imagination is that they SET US FREE! It doesn’t matter if your dreams include dragon riding or that larger corner office, being able to visualize something different and/or better for yourself can only HELP you get there!

Let’s take Jonas Salk for example. One Google search unveiled what HAD to have been a BIG dreamer! The first of his family to attend college and to go straight into working in epidemiology! This guy wanted to help people on the MACRO level, but we all know that starts small…with a single cell if you will.

As I read a brief bit about his history, I envisioned what it must have been like to study all the ways the human body can fight itself, deteriorate and build itself up again, to try and to fail…what it would have been like to be resisted by superiors/colleagues and yet see your dream SO clearly that you never give up…COURAGE.

Without all the components in quote that inspired this post, Jonas Salk wouldn’t have invented a successful polio vaccine. While it’s true that someone else might have, years later, it wouldn’t have been HIM, like he wanted it to be.

The point of all of this is that, at 37, I am learning to truly LIVE for the first time in my life and it’s because I let the wonder, creativity and amazement of my dreams spur me forward into whatever direction I IMAGINE! Now, I still have that practical, lucrative job BUT I also solve mysteries, I introduce my niece and nephews to all my baby dragons, I sketch, get behind a camera, create with my hands, read books, and occasionally dig up dinosaur bones. That’s A LOT more than one “thing” and honestly the list keeps getting longer.

The BEST part of COURAGE, for me, is that it gives life to the dream and though the dream may change on its way to fruition, it becomes something so much better. Sure, we can’t all invent a life changing vaccine BUT I am betting that whatever your dream is, THE WORLD NEEDS IT TOO!

I HOPE you will let your imaginations run free and dream those dreams!!

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