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Eureka - Katie Carter X Galileo Galilei

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."
- Galileo Galilei

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Editor's note: This week's Eureka contributor is friend of the show and future guest, Katie Carter. You can look forward to hearing more from her next season!

A man does not naturally know how to love a woman
He does not know how to wrap his fingers so gently intertwined with hers
He does not know how to gently move her hair from her face smooth enough to not make it obvious how much he wants to make a move
He doesn’t know the weight of a heart held in his hands
Or the confusion we feel on a daily basis
He doesn’t understand that sometimes we don’t make sense, that’s we can be messy, and that we don’t always say what we mean
He doesn’t know that she sees how hard he is working
He doesn’t know that she needs him
He doesn’t know that he needs her
He doesn’t know that love is a choice and so is respect. He is looking for a longing that he has yet to find. The grocery clerk with the bangs or the barista could be the one to take his world and spin it on a dime. He waits patiently. He looks to his mother for consultation. He looks to understand the signs
He looks within himself
He sees self doubt and questions
Why are my hands so weird and my arms so small
Why are my efforts not noticed of those around me ?
Why do some men just seem to have it easy?
He doesn’t know that the grocery clerk sees his deep brown eyes for every hot Cheeto run. She looks for any reason for him to linger. He doesn’t see that his barista knows his coffee before reaches the counter.
He doesn’t see that he is given the look by those around him. He doesn’t see the magic because he cannot see it within himself. We cannot teach a man to love himself but we remind them that their hope is held within themselves. Their ability to love and be loved is at the core. We just have to show them where.

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